1. No Better Than

From the recording Gimme Some

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No Better Than

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James Bond's initial idea that started, unusually enough with the lyrics (unusual #1), and Jim wrote the lyrics (uber-unusual #2). I used to say I could sing our songs in Swahiili but Bondage wouldn't bat an eye, so focused was he on things of a musical nature, unaware as it were of lyrical ideas. So this departure was unique from this as well as other perspectives. The opening riff (in a different key from the rest of the song) was Bond's riff, and Harley added a verse/chorus to accompany this, and Bond's lyrical ideas. The result is one of the hardest rocking, fastest tempo, and most unabashedly energetic tracks on "Gimme Some". Nice on Bondage! We oughta try that approach again, eh?
PLease please check out the way we get into the last chorus!!


You see my ways aint civilized
And my heart is full of cries
And the way I do get by
Is take your soul and make it mine
I'll inject you full of pain
I'll take the wheel I'll take the reigns
Will it ever get better?

To the foundation I do need
I'm the tower i'm the seed
Take my hand I'll take the lead
I'm the shack I'm the weed
You can see through my disguise
You can see through all the lies
Will it ever get better?

I know I'm no better than hangin' around suckin' away all your time
I know I'm no better just hangin' around suckin' away all your time
I know I'm no better than hangin' around suckin' away all your time

And there's places I gotta go
Where I know no-one that you know
Whatever is real is what we know
Whatever we think makes it so
Can you see all there is to learn?
Can you see past all the turns?
Does it ever get better?
No it never get's better cause...


Yeah, suck it up, eh oh ,ah eee ah huh

Well my face has come untied
Now I've seen you open wide
I know I'm a below-average guy
But I can't live without my pride
I'll present you with my soul
You can even chose the bowl
Will it ever get better, better, better?