1. Gimme Some

From the recording Gimme Some

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Gimme Some

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Steve Harley - lead voals, guitar
Sean McCarron - guitar
James Bond - bass
Joel Ross - drums
Rick Weychescho - trumpet
Krissanne Crowel - alto sax
Danny Martin - trombone
Dave James - horn arrangements


She never makes apologies for who or what she is
She got a smile for everyone, and for everyone a kiss
She's always dressed to party, brings the beer and Jimmy Bean
But she hides her head in sullen shame and bails on every scene when I talk about love,
oh when I talk about it...
Gimme some!

Well I'm telling all the regulars about her morning-after glow
But they can tell the same story, 'cause they seen the same show
Well she's mostly cool and calm and hip with serenity and bliss
But she's a trippin', laughin', shakin', stutterin', eyebrow-raising mess when I talk about love,
Oh baby, whatcha know about that?
Gimme some!

Well I got some words of wit for all you little girls and boys
If you find a lover true-and-tried, stand up and make some noise
'cause there's a whole lot of folks just bent on messin' with your head
They'll drug you silly with their charms then leave you for dead when you talk about love,
When you talk abou it, alright.
Gimme some!