1. Drive

From the recording Gimme Some

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About driving....getting your rocks off behind the wheel...therapeutic internal combustion.

Steve Harley - vocals, rhythm electric guitar
Sean McCarron - twangy guitar solo
James Bond - bass
Joel Ross - drums
John Peer - Hammond B3 organ, pianet/Clavinet
Rick Weychesko - trumpet
Krisanne Crowel - alto sax
Danny Martin - trombone
David James - horn arrangements


I need some clearing, my thoughts are killing me
I need to exhaust this nervous energy
I fake to the left, careem to the right
I'm less bothered and you're holding on for dear life

I don't understand why they can't just leave a man breathe
but I'm alright now, 'cause I'm in the driver's seat
There's fightin' and problems wherever I go,
I forgot about mine miles and miles and miles ago

Why should I care? Why should I care, or make a scene?
Why should I care, when I'm driving you home

There's so many worries, but nothing the road can't bury
So heavy a load, but nothing the tunes can't carry
It's an addiction of mine so I hope you won't lose it
I'll buy you a drink if you're standing when we're through it