1. Freaky

From the recording Gimme Some

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Straight ahead party rock with a super-dance vibe and all kinds of fun, no apolgies. But hey, it's only rock and roll, and this kid digs it! Supermega Mondo uber Thanks to SHY LUV who did the spectacular rap in the bridge. Love ya, LUV!! You rocked the track outta the park, girl! (She recorded it in a different city from the studio, and emailed her track to us for mixing....she was a hardcore session chick that got it done with no miles standing between us!


There's a wave a gotta catch
another itch I gotta stop and scratch
gonna be cool gonna get it right, walk outside into the light
you gotta stand up and walk around
and spread the wings that you have found
you got to make believe there's nothing more to see

You wanna get Freaky? I got to know
you got to get away, gotta move along, change the pace
You wanna get Freaky? Than let it show
well you gotta be movin' on....moving on to something good

I don't want to wait another day
to hear what this one's gonna have to say
Patience never set me free, sometimes get's the best of me
Something there and then it's gone
waiting makes it turn out wrong
whatcha gonna do? What is there left to lose?


{Patience wearing thin
what else in
tip my glass fill it with Gin while I begin again
I'm out of control I told you so
everyday trips come and go
you hearing me though
I'm keeping it real
I know how you feel
gravity just keeping it in
change of pace, tired of a straight-face
I'm movin' on, freaky, straight-case}

There's one more thing I gotta say, before you up and run away
Get to the place where you will be, and save a little room for me
Without the shade we gonna stand into a high and lonely land
You got a place to move....get up and get it through...