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Do You Love Me (Like you used to do)

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This solo traveller gets a rude awakening when he arrives at his destination with nobody to greet him, as he expected. Now forced to fend for his own ride into town, his mind races with the new knowledge that he's been forgotten.


Do You Love Me (Like You used to Do)?

I search the luggage driftin' by
Hoping you might still arrive
30,000 feet ago,
I wondered if you'd really show

I scan the faces coming by
A congress of expecting eyes
Searching all the waiting smiles
But none are you to my surprize

Do you love me like you used to do?
Do you crave the love I gave to you?
Do you love me like you used to do?
The love you gave was the best I knew.
I tried to give the same to you.
Do you love me like you used to do?

Hope is now diminishing
the meeting hall is emptying
I guess I'll hail a cab from here
and try to shrug it off.
I see the headlights crawlin' by,
allowing them to steal my eyes,
devoured by the seat I'm in
with cold leather touch . . .


Will you visit when I'm home
Or make me feel some less alone
and will you have a smile for me
saved up for me specially?