1. DC9

From the recording Mechanical Epiphany

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This song follows a woman who finally finds the courage to leave her abusive partner. When does finally bail, she leaves in an airplane, to get as far away as quickly as possible.


Hidden Timebomb . . . tickin' away
Shouting through the hallway . . . pRetending it's ok
Your eyes fall . . . pleadingly on mine
as he pushed you through the doorway . . . and slammed it fast behind

Finally when you were left some space of your own
You summoned up the courage for the phone.

CH: Come along and get inside .... I'll get you out in a DC9

Driving back...finding my way
Through a rainstorm . . . all the branches ripped away
Now you're outside . . . calling me without a sound
Making your escape . . . before he could put you down.

Understanding more or less nothing anymore...
washed along the wreckage of the shore


Rotate . . . tilted upward taking flight
the scenery is shrinkin' . . . as we rise into the night

Come along and get inside . . .