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Suspecting Eyes

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A couple having an affair, both attending a formal function with their respective partners, attempt a risky secret rendezvous to escape all the suspecting looks they can't help but perceive coming their way.


Suspecting Eyes

I poke a mint through your smile
Far from suspecting eyes
But yours are gently glowing
with reflected candlelight
We shouldn't linger very long
Or the gossip won't be kind
That's bound to drip from the flippant mouths
Between their sips of wine

And we gotta find a place to hide
From everyone's suspecting eyes
Got a place where we can find
where restless hearts can escape suspecting eyes

Trees race below the moon
My forehead cold on the pane
Not a word is said between us
In the miles of driving rain


Suddenly they see us frozen where we stand
I dash around the corner dragging you by the hand
I hope we're not discovered by my wife and your man
And then I let myself realize they had known the whole time

It took too many hundred tears
Before my eyes could close
And the dark circles we both wear
We hope nobody will know