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Love Catastrophe

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This character's ride breaks down on the road before he can rendezvous with his partner. As a result, she tragically never discovers why she was stood-up, and both lives are irrevocably altered.


Love Catastrophe

Under an afternoon sun, saw the moon floating high (in a deep blue sky)
I know the distance between us has steadily grown over time (many many miles)
Between the girl I knew and all she could do unkind (to overtake my mind)
I feel like I'm runnin' imperceptibly out of time

It's a love catastrophe that's runnin' after me
It's a love catastrophe comin' after me.

On the 102, pre-rendezvous, breakin' down (with a rattlin' sound)
I crawled underneath, saw a chewed-up fan belt on the ground (on the ground)
I stuck out a thumb, but no-one would come, not in time (couldn't make it in time)
And you didn't wait and you left me lost far behind (near the crime)

It's a love catastrophe that doesn't have to be, that's running after me.
It's a love catastrophe comin' after me

I woke in sweat, drenched in regret, wide awake (lookin' for escape)
that moment I knew there was nothing I could do anyway (that's all I can say)

And on the night I'd flee without a word between us exchanged....not a word to say.
And you never knew that I was just a few miles away.