1. Lonely Driver

From the recording Mechanical Epiphany

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Lonely Driver

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This character won't drive at night anymore, or in the rain, due to a prior car accident. This song tells the tale


Lonely Driver

Oncoming lights...popping out of the darkness
Blinding glare...between rapid wipes
you're here when I'm alone and your love's not far behind

Dashboard glow bathes my surroundings in a soft-blue-green comforting light.
ANd here when I'm alone I talk to you all through the night.

It's a star-lit sky all draped in blackness
Tires slip...we tumble wide
Overturned...over the railing
Down the bank...branches fly
and when I wake alone, I see you laying right beside

A sudden gust now speeding past me
a jolt, recoil...then steady drive
only daylight, only in sunshine
Never raining, never night.
And now I drive alone, scars of you left far behind...
grateful that I'm still alive