From the recording Mechanical Epiphany

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Late Night Showers

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This song is sung from the female perspective. So the character in this song who is "singing" is the woman lying awake late at night, in bed, waiting for her man to come home. And when he finally does come home at 3am, he goes straight to the shower first, confirming her worst suspicions.


Late Night Showers

I hear your car ... pull in the drive
as I lie ... awake in bed
thoughts of where you were tonight fill my busy sleepless head
I hear your footsteps through the house, but you don't come close to me
then I hear the water flow, and my heart sinks rapidly.

Your late night showers break my heart.
Who's perfume would you hide?
Just like you hope the soap imparts salvation deep inside.

I lay asleep, or so I seemed
Pretending not to wake
when finally to bed you came without a single sound or shake
Still as stone I try to dream of distant happy times
when we spooned so happily, unshowered and sublime

Your late night showers break my heart
whose perfume lingers on?
WHo kept you out so after dark, inspiring this song?
Your late night shower trigger thoughts that overflow my brain.
JUst like the water, now my heart is circling the drain.

I was afraid to learn you had a deep concern
Mist is wafting out, erasing any doubt, why you had to be so clean...