1. Just Like You
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Just Like You

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Written from the female perspective, this character can't find the love her best friend effortlessly enjoys, and wishes she had the same.


Just Like You

You wear his picture locket on a chain,
And a confidence that compliments you well.
And your counterpart has never been the same
Since captured by the flavor of your spell.

I see you leap with joy toward the phone;
Your voice a timid whisper through a smile.
Assured you never have to be alone;
His heart attached to you across the miles.

(across the miles...across the miles...)

Will I ever feel love like you do?
Will I ever feel wanted too?
Will I ever feel needed like I need to: Just for me. Just like you.
Will I ever feel love like you do?

Far below the wisps of clouds are floating
as my head gently rests against the sky
Underneath a hurt-resistant coating that won't allow a glimpse of what's inside.

(deep inside.....under pride...)


If only I could wear your shoes and skin as fearlessly as you.
But worthy friends are far too few to be jealous of the view

(from your eyes.....from your eyes...)