1. Clobazam
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The character in this song has a debilitating seizure disorder, but rejoices when a solution is found to change his life dramatically for the better.


CLOBAZAM (lyrics by Steve Harley, Nov27-21)

Grand-Mal attack,
First a jolt and then a sudden crash
And it happens all too fast, outta sight

I was shakin' in the past
Comin' suddenly and fast and
Preceded by a flash of purple light

Feelin' so miscast,
Always hoping I could last
Until I double-back and outta sight

But now I got a stash
That finally at last
Has got me past the worrying tonight

I found a pharmeceutical
That's Epilepti-suitable
And now my life is beautiful, alright

with my clobazam....with my clobazam

Now that fear is feelin' gone
And I've got my swagger on
Showin' off a twinkle in my eye

The captive that I used to be was
Gifted freedom suddenly
Now I'm feelin' finally alright

Fading fear allowing me to
Live and love creatively to
cultivate the best of things in life

Obsessive curiosity
Now drained of animosity,
Achieving new velocities in flight

Tremulous ferocity
With EEG atrocity
Will never get the best of me tonight

with my clobazam....with my clobazam

I was slip-o-critical
With an unstatistical
Temporo-occipital lobe

Always planning for the worst
Friends and neighbors on alert
Couldn't drive alone on the road

Now I leave my worry home
While I navigate alone
Confidently safe inside my head

Escaping the calama-zone
That used to be my second home
The halls of which I'll never roam again...

With my Clozabam. With my Clozabam.