1. Perpetrator

From the recording Exiting Shadows

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FLoyd is feeling flash in this funky ditty. He's getting his mojo working with a "sonic wine" to share with those within earshot. He's the perpetrator of funk.

Production notes: the main bass riff of the song was originally played on guitar with a whammy pedal set to octave down. When it came time to record the song in earnest, the original bass riff in the demo couldn't be replicated, either in feel or in sound. So we kept it. That however did come with some unwanted noise. The radio-clips at the beginning of the song, help reframe the song to help further represent it's fractured and recombined nature. Yes, the original guitar-bass riff that was used in the demo was recovered and reused in the final version of this song, but it was also supplemented and at times replaced with Jim's real bass, and real bass playing. This song has a mixture of real drumming, and acid file loops, real bass playing, and guitar-bass playing which is also the only guitar in the song, excepting the solo. Gil played egg shaker.



I am the navigator
I am the groove creator
motion instigator
Jump inside

I'm in the elevator
when I serenade ya,
unlike the imitators
stuck outside.
well, well

Has anybody got the need to boogie?
Has anybody got the need to get your feet on the floor?
Has anybody got the need to boogie?
Has anybody got the need?

And like a Cassanova
the funk will unfold ya
And spark a supernova
Deep inside

I am the Perpetrator
and the disseminator
of a bootin' shakin' sonic wine


Could you do it again?
Could you do it again?