1. ALalone

From the recording Exiting Shadows

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Once upon a time Floyd was a young man, who had a babysitter. Then he grew up, and ran into her many years later. Barely recognizing her, he soon realized there was a mutual attraction, and he moves in with bravo and swagger.
It's a classic alpha male tale of sexual desire and satisfaction. But is there more to the story? The title, after all, is Alalone, a misspelled combination of 2 words, missing an L. Just like the title, Floyd is feeling incomplete here. The word "escape" is mentioned again. In this case, he can't escape his desire....his human nature. His biologically-programmed instinct and involuntary attraction have gained control, and
he's unable to escape their grip.
The word "alone" is mentioned in every verse, as well as "thirsty soul", and "urban tragedy". So there's reason to believe this is not a happy time, overall
in Floyd's life. As is often the case when living a one-night-stand lifestyle.
Another way one could view the title would be like combining two individuals. Al = one indivual. Al + Al = 2 people or "ONE" couple. So Al + Al = ONE,
or Al Al ONE, or Alalone.



You know that I'm-m-m-mime comin' to your home.
I know you're mine-n-n-ine and waitin' all alone.
You're lookin' fine in my mind when you're peekin' at your phone.
By the time I've arrived you're surprized how much I've grown.
Ain't nobody knows it, but you and me
And noone gonna find us, you wait and see
Behind your feeble protest, I think we secretly agree.

Some folks no me as an entertainer........no no no no no
Some folka think that I'm a got-no-brainer......no no no no no
Some folks know I got alot to say......no no no no no
I'll tell you why, I'll tell ya soon as you get out of my way

Nobody, nobody gonna suspect a thing...
Nobody, nobody gonna suspect a thing...
Nobody, nobody gonna suspect a thing...
get up, get up, get movin', before we change our mind.

You know that I'm-m-m-mime comin' to your home.
Like a wine you'll be mine to sooth my thirsty soul
Well I skip a beat when I see your pretty face
Well your eyes meet mine and there's a smile I can't erase.
Ain't no way to escape it, it's plain to see.
No point in trying to fight this urban tragedy
I never knew such a sound could ever come out of a telephone.
You and me will cure being alone.

Sometimes I can be a non-complainer....no no no no no
or a stealthy social rearranger.....no no no no no
well I'm out of my mind, and I'm out of my head......oooh yeah!
(so) just pay no mind to what I.... never said...