From the recording Exiting Shadows

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Let Me Out of Your Mind

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FLoyd is trapped yet again....but this time he's trapped inside the mind of his love interest. He can't escape from her mind....her thoughts, her mental influence. As if he's possessed by her intent.
However, at the end, he finds the key to his escape, and he finally escapes from her mind. Escape, the album's overarching theme, again comes into stark relief in this song.

Production Notes:
The title of this song was originally "(Let Me) Out of Your Mind", with the bracketed option being in front, rather than it's far more common place at the rear. This had the unintended effect of making it not appear on alphabetized lists (in the proper order) as the initial bracket catagorized the title in a very non-L sort of way. So the non-bracketed version ended up happening, and in our Mashmellow-Frankenstein tradition,
the title is never sung, verbatim. The title is more of a synopsis of all 3 choruses (all of which differ slightly in their wording).

This song is also a miniture ode to the beauty of the whammy pedal, featuring some end-solo 2-octave whammy dives.


(let me) Out of your mind (B, 98bpm) (AABABA)

I got to know, are your hazel eyes on me?
Does the jungle of your heart have me entwined?
Am I suseptible to your sweet alchemy?
Am I helplessly drunk on your wine?

Will you ever let me run out of your mind?

Well can I steal a look at the dirt road ahead
I'm looking for an exit I can't find
Caught in your gravity, I'm trapped inside your head
All I used to know I left behind.

Will you ever let me break out of your mind?

Maybe I'll uncover all the treasure that you hide.
I keep it on the sly, keep it on the sly.
Maybe I'll discover secret galaxies inside
or maybe you'll watch me as I fall......away.

Will I ever know, how you attracted me,
dropping crumbs that you hoped I'd later find?
But now I've got to go, because I found the key
It's time for me to break-out wide.

And now I've found my way out of your mind!