1. My WAy Out

From the recording Exiting Shadows

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My WAy Out

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Going with the flow. This was how Floyd made his way through life. No determined path or direction or plan. Just bouncing from one situation,
partner, job, life circumstance, to another, by virtue of chance encounters, and accidental happenings.
This realization, that life has been experienced by Floyd in a passive way, without being specifically directed or driven toward any one
goal, was made just now, fairly late in Floyd's life.
More realizations soon followed. What other assumptions, or habits had been stunting his growth as a fully realized person?
He feels a sixth sense from time to time, but has no way to harness it any predictable or useful way (like when he feels a pull toward
someone who is close to him, waiting for him).

The "Dream" he has, that he can't find in his waking life, is a sense of purpose. An overarching goal, or motivator, that would allow
him to take the reigns, and total control of his destiny. But such purpose eludes him, even now as he realizes that this "purpose"
is needed for him to get "Out" of his predicament.......being a raft tossed in open waves of random chaos, without a map, without a goal
or destination. And perhaps as a self-defense mechanism, has long adopted a cynical world view, being dismissive of the passions and talents of

So who is Floyd talking to? The lyrics to this song are written in the first person, from the perspective of the protagonist (in this case,
Floyd, the subject in every song in "Exiting the Shadows"). Each verse ends with a line that appears to be addressing someone else. I used to
think he was speaking to his love interest (silently, in his mind), but now I think he could be talking to himself.

Production Notes:
The song is the first of 2 cold-opens (Vocals first before the music) on this record. Vocal harmonies are throughout most of the song.
The tempo remains constant, throughtout a sweeping melodic verse, and an aggressive bouncy chorus. There is very little reverb. There is also
a 2-part bridge: acapella multiharmonies, then a guitar solo over another new musical section with abrupt transitions, with interplay between
the drums and guitars. A guitar riff joins the third chorus in a jubilant refrain. The song ends in a falsetto vocal minor chord, exiting
with the deep bow of the reverb tail.


I'm so directionless,
Feeling dizzy all the time
Or maybe meaningless,
No relevance or rhyme,
Noone knows, noone knows it's all for show.
Anytime you're waiting for me, I can feel a pull toward you.
And I'll never say (I hope you know), "I told you so", I told you so.....

I can't find my way
I can't find my way
I can't find my way, my way out
I can't find my way
I can't find my way
I can't find my way, my way out
And I don't care if you don't believe me

I got so weary-eyed in a dream that I can't find inside my waking life
Falling so behind
Now I know, now I know which way to go
Criticizing every passion, (always in a dead-pan fashion)
I can understand why I once felt so all alone, I'm so alone, I'm so alone, I'm so alone


Realize my potential to fall on my face
Maybe it's the lunacy that's easy to erase

Spread so thin in all directions
Layered thick with best intentions
I can understand why you once felt so all alone, I'm so alone, I'm so alone, I'm so alone.....