From the recording The Tyranny of the Smug

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Jump Over The Wall

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THe missing line in one of the verses near the end of the song, contains the title track of the CD, "The Tyranny of the Smug". The lyric goes, "no more words to pull and tug, (or fight the tyranny of the smug)". The phrase in brackets is omitted from the recording, for aesthetic reasons.


no more waiting, no more time, no details for a grand design
no deletions, no dissent
no more shapes getting out-of-bent

jump jump jump over the wall, keep banging out the bricks just to watch 'em fall
jump/jump/jump/jump/jump/jump over the wall, sparkin' up the engine when it stalls

flipped horizons, said goodbye, no more vanities to advertize
no more phases of wax and wane, no degrees to shift us out of frame

jump jump jump over the wall, light fire to the pistons when the motor stalls
jump/jump/jump/jump/jump/jump over the wall, keep swinging at the base and watch the mortar fall
watch it fall....

no more words to pull and tug...
(deleted: no more tyranny of the smug)
high velocity innocence wrapped in orbital resonance

jump jump jump over the wall, accumulating altitude after the fall
jump/jump/jump/jump/jump/jump over the wall, lighting up the blackdrop on a desert sprawl

nothing certain left to find but variations in the flow of time
no sense of why identified and so much wonder left to occupy

jump over the wall.....
jump, jump over the wall.....

mesmerizon mysified, no neological diatribe
i didn't fake it, could not pretend or draw a pictogram or where and when

<<<< deus ex machina >>>>