From the recording The Tyranny of the Smug

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The Devil I Chase

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About addiction and the struggle for recovery


Peering through an open door I catch the look of a glaring face
All these eyes are trading stares in another claustrophobic space
Wandering without intent, an inattentive derilection
Sneaking past sincerity, without resolve, without direction

It's so hard, I can't take it anymore
It won't go, it won't go, it's won't go away
It's so hard, I keep falling to the floor
It won't show, it won't show, it won't show it's face,
the devil I chase...

Soaked in tired sleeplessness, wasting afternoons away
Unable to avoid the scorn of mirrors or the light of day
Silent walls of tension break and fall apart and rise again
I drive on straightened lines I find to serve the means to a crooked end
But there's a bend...


Prolific noise and restlessness rocking back and forth and down
Tomorrow comes incessantly, stalking me and bearing down
it never makes a sound.....