1. Media Freak

From the recording The Tyranny of the Smug

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Media Freak

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Too much media in this media Freak's world, but hooked on the information it constantly unfurls...


It's easier to live in the dark
It's easier to know nothing at all
A camouflage of secrets opened wide
A catalogue of noises in disguise

Trippin' on intentions, scrolling words below
I think I didn't mention the useless things I know

Don't say, don't say another word just to kill the time
Don't take another piece outta me to color between your lines

The pixelated pages that are drawn
The aftermath of noise that lingers on
Morbid curiosity so motionless
Interspaced between the emptiness

Steady revelations never taking hold
Static intervention carried out alone


Well we're just wasting time.......

An apathetic eye beholds the news
The frequency of chaos darkens the room
Automated key-stroke habits form
Inter-disconnected in technical cocoons

Fearful of the silence deftly swept away
Forgotten in the stillness of an ancient holiday