1. My Metal Boots

From the recording The Tyranny of the Smug

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My Metal Boots

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Wearing metal boots as a metaphor.....you make a big splash and get lots of attention, but it comes at a cost of being hugely encumbered.

Steve Harley - Music and Lyrics


I got a brand new pair of shiny metal boots
And I know my thunder-walkin' affects your mood
Street strangers jumpin' outta the way
It's turning to my kind of day
Confusion whirls around

My walking can be felt 10 miles away
Vibrations keep the cameraman at bay
Well you call your mama to watch the news
I bang the ground like I got nothing to loose
make no mistake about it

I'm coming your way (yeah yeah yeah yeah)
I'm giving chase to you in my new shoes
I'm banging your way (yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Feel my tremor shake your ground, shake it up

Well I might splinter up these wooden floors
And I can kick right through your bathroom door
I'm making noise in rhythmic time
and all these fractured streets are mine
There's no stopping me now


Hey baby look out! Hey baby look out!

Well I got an old pair of rusted metal boots
This tired old frame might be collapsing soon
There's no-one left to chase away,
I wonder what I'll do today,
Maybe I'll turn around...