1. No Patience

From the recording Paleofidelity

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No Patience

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Title is fairly self-explanatory. Remedy's only song so far with a melotron.

Steve Harley - Music and lyrics
James Bond - Music


Fading shadows on these once hungry open eyes.....oh no
Never looking quite the same through the mirror
Looking for some scenery I've never seen before

You never gave 30 seconds to questions about why
How did this bleak uncuriosity ever come to be
Catch myself wondering why there aint any wonder

And I don't have any patience for you no more
And I don't have any patience for you no more

Tapping on the walls, knocking doors in metronomal time, oh no
You got nothing but the best of me and I got whatever's left,
picking up the pieces spread with such a radius


Lost in a ticking-trap wilderness, nobody around, oh no...
Finding ways to complicate simplicity, it's a little too easy sometimes
You wake up and find yourself shaking up with fever, counting holes in the ceiling
and you better believe that you better believe that I

Don't have any patience, for you no more
And I don't have any patience, for you no more.....no more.