From the recording Paleofidelity

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All in a Days Charade

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Pyrrhic victories over former lovers, empty wins, and hollow games.

Music by Steve Harley & James Bond
Lyrics by Harley


Each day I find a new stone to lean on
A new strength in my legs to walk these lines
Can't succumb to resignation, or temporary frustration
Christ, life's humour has a sense of time

Pretending all these eyes don't see through you

Counterfeit moments, no moral to the story and it's all in a day's charade
Colors now so faded, a faith that's too belated and it's all in a day's charade

Campfire singing the latest folly
Just to bide my nights to wait for light
Ruthless imagination and binding arbitration
Can't get much worse than this when the truth is living a lie

These days freedom is hard to find

Everybody wants you and your sentimental half-truths and it's all in a day's charade
The truth is overrated, we want to be persuaded and it's all in a day's charade

A steady stream of misfires and derailments
Swearing by an absent alibi
Desensitized to constant accusation
The pointlessness is in the asking why
Was it worth it? should we play another round?

Someday I may want to find the truth in this decay but it's all in a day's charade
These facts are compensated by the fiction we've created, and it's all in day's charade

Hey, incessant words now hold no fascination
This ever escalating and laughable fiasco, my strength's derived from deeds inside
Courageous human steps

Even now I find compassion waking up in me

All these memories I wade through I testify these days I live without the old charade
I’ve got a mind to say goodbye to yesterday's unfettered lies, no need for a new charade
A brilliant new mosaic old habits so archaic behind these masks we made