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Without a Trace

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The downside of independence. Or missing the one you love.

Written and Performed by Steve Harley


Life is full of apologies, from our foreheads to my knees. Mmmmmm
Was anyone expecting this or was there something obvious I missed? Mmmmmm
Nothing more can be gained for reason without love is lame. Mmmmmm
Learning things I never knew can't help me remember to forget you.

Where have you gone? You left without a trace. I've searched so long. I guess I'll be missing you between these broken dreams, and there's nothing left it seems, and I can't be worried by this hanging noose.

I gave you things I didn't know I had because I never had them before.
Gave up being patient but not there yet, but this is the only lonely road I know to tread.
Life is a crazy state of mind, faith without any rules is blind.
In the papers and on the news and billions of facts without any clues.


I can't find the words anymore. Why do we have to even use them at all. And always bleeding energies has sometimes got the better of me.

Where have you gone? You left without a trace. I leave, "so long!". I guess I'll be needing you between these broken dreams. And there's nothing left it seems. And I can't be worried by this recollection. Mmmmm... ; )