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Emergency Light

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Inspired from a Colin McCrae rally racing game, whereby crashes that would seem fatal, are not only surviveable, but the car always seemed able to keep going, however hard the hit. And so life seemed for me at the time.

Steve Harley - Music and Lyrics
James Bond - Music
Scott Ferguson - Drums


Radio decibels grow with gasoline vibrations

Life's a bore and I want more, take the floor please come and amuse me

Fancy ride, kiss goodbye and sentiment of feeling safe

It's in my bones and thick in my blood, I’m stuck in the mud, please get out and push me


Emergency light situation, wide sweeping turns, fish-tailing out into the void

Every hazard awaits every mile of the road, but my wheels keep turning, keep on turning

Navigate, calculate, don't scream 'til we cross the line

Push and pull and drag and roll my hands are full please get out and watch me

Accelerate, crash the gates with no speed limitations

So get out of the way, clear out of the way, get out of the road or get in and join me

Every turn holds a new surprise so keep finding a way to help keep alive

No time left for regret

Right now it's up to you, so take the wheel that's in front of you

You ain't seen nothin' yet

Through the rail and down the hill and tumbling, I hope the camera's rollin'

Flip and crash and memories flash, but step on the gas 'cause we're still moving

Radio, glass shards below, not far to go, but it's no bother

Rred line flight and I want more, so don't be a bore, shift the gears and amuse me