1. Rude Reaction

From the recording Paleofidelity

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Rude Reaction

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Music by Steve Harley & James Bond.
Lyrics by Harley

Steve Harley - vocals, guitar,
James Bond - bass
Scott Ferguson - Drums
John Peer - keys


I’m stuck hearing you crying on the telephone
Old birthday cards and letters won't leave me alone
Over stimulated at a frenetic pace
But still there's some of the past that just won't erase


Everywhere that I go alone, I keep a piece of you, even though I don't want to
Unending conversation the cycle never ends
It's a typical attraction, another rude reaction

Steps retraced and overusing lines
Each piece of the puzzle cut and sliced so fine
You might think I’m sentimental but it's really a show
So strap yourself in, we're ready to go


And I see you breathing, standing there
And you catch a part of me sittin' unaware
And I go home and I find out for sure there's nothing left to do and nothing left
To say to you anymore

Don't believe in everything you read in black and white
'Cause the truth is far stranger than any lie
Yeah well one thing is for certain, don't forget to mark it down in your head
'Cause you better believe every second you live, I will infect you the same way
until I’m dead