From the recording The Journey Home

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Right Side Down

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This is a remastered single from our sophomore album, "The Tyranny of the Smug". Used as the closing credits to the multi-award winning film, "Wingman". A crowd favorite closer to our live shows.

Music by Steve Harley and James Bond. Lyrics by Harley.

Vocals/guitar/ - Steve Harley
Bass - James Bond
Drums - Gil Roy
Wurlitzer Piano - John Peer


I'm gonna take a holiday from any form of rationality
and get right out of the way of my unthinking self
no pretending to escape from proletariate philosophy
never feeling any pain, or 'fessin' up outright

I can't believe it's true, no no no no
I can't believe it's true, no no no
I can't believe it's true, that it was you who turned me around
right side down

Falling down Any Other Way to escape the rules of gravity
I think it suffices to say it didn't go my way
Perpetually moving between machines of hurrying and flattery
Smiling delusions of rain and a parched embrace


Taken for a lonely ride, waiting for a laughter-silvered way of finding
an uncontaminated sky away from all the fabricated glare

well there's nothing much left to say to explain the things you'd done for me
I can't get out of my own way, but I need you in mine